• KangraHerb’s Sugokan 36 cap

    Reduces blood sugar glycerin & polyurethane, rejuvenates &stimulates beta cells of pancreas, increases stamina.

  • KangraHerb’s Immunokan Spl 30 cap

    Enhance body immunity. Useful in Cancer & Aids. Provides strength & stamina. Good rejuvenator

  • KangraHerb’s Brainokan

    What if an athlete’s diet is less than the best? Vitamin supplements are commonly used by athletes to make up for less than optimal diets. To provide a dose of “health insurance,” choosing a multi vitamin supplement with not more than 100% of the Daily Value provides a safe and adequate balance of vitamins. But keep your eye on the ball — the real goal is to eat a variety of foods. Food contains fibre and a host of phyto chemicals that provides health benefits. Add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to the foods already being consumed. Supplements are not replacements for food.


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