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  • KangraHerb’s Seabuckthorn Health Drink Spl 500 ml

    Elders, children are looking for a family health drink. Malnutrition has taken toll of our body. Many basic vitamins and neutraceuticals deficiencies are their. A healthy body needs more than 550 vitamins & neutraceuticals daily. Deficiencies of these missing vitamins & neutraceuticals had world over given rise to diseases like cancer, HIV, Aids, Liver failure, Kidney failure, Gall bladder stone, Ortho problem, Eyes, Heart depression, Stress, Blood pressure & Diabetes, No stamina, dull face, chubby cheeks, sexual disorder, Impotency/Infertility is increasing day by day. Products available in market are not up to the mark as most of them are having synthetic chemical base and very low volume/dose of herbs or fruits. Thus hardly effective

  • KangraHerb’s Netrokan eye drop 10 ml

    useful in conjunctivitis, dryness of eyes, reduce retinal problems, improve eyesight, smokey vision, effective in cataract.

  • KangraHerb’s Netrokan 30 Tab

    Useful in conjunctivitis, dryness of eyes, reduces retinal problem, improveeyesight, smoky vision, Effective in cataract.  


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