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  • KangraHerb’s Rhododendron Health Drink (Sugar Free) 500 ml

    Heart is the most important pump in the world. Your heart is a pump that keeps blood moving around your body. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to all part of your body,and carries away unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products. When your heart pumps, the arteries around your heart or your other blood vessels are damaged,this pumping system doesn’t work properly.

  • KangraHerb’s Rhododendron Health Drink 500 ml

    . Kangra herb has taken selective rare Himalayan herbs to make an excellent heart tonic to prevent you from being called a heart patient for life. Kangra herbs “Rhododendron Sharbat” has the potential to keep you and your family fit

  • KangraHerb’s Lexokan 36 cap

    Freedom from constipation regulates normal bowel, useful in flatulence,gas, food poisoning, intestinal colic.    

  • KangraHerb’s Immunokan Spl 30 cap

    Enhance body immunity. Useful in Cancer & Aids. Provides strength & stamina. Good rejuvenator

  • KangraHerb’s DRINKAN

    Useful in alcohol-affected organs like liver, brain, lungs & heart.

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