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    Immunokan Eco

  • Seabuckthorn Health Drink Spl 500 ml

    Elders, children are looking for a family health drink. Malnutrition has taken toll of our body. Many basic vitamins and neutraceuticals deficiencies are their. A healthy body needs more than 550 vitamins & neutraceuticals daily. Deficiencies of these missing vitamins & neutraceuticals had world over given rise to diseases like cancer, HIV, Aids, Liver failure, Kidney failure, Gall bladder stone, Ortho problem, Eyes, Heart depression, Stress, Blood pressure & Diabetes, No stamina, dull face, chubby cheeks, sexual disorder, Impotency/Infertility is increasing day by day. Products available in market are not up to the mark as most of them are having synthetic chemical base and very low volume/dose of herbs or fruits. Thus hardly effective

  • Powerkan Plus 30 cap

    Based on Folk Knowledge.

  • Powerkan 30cap

    Powerful aphrodisiac, improves semen quality, increases vigor and vitality, useful in premature ejaculation, libido,erectile dysfunction, impotency, Reduces chances of muscular injury, minimize the chances of diseases like parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy and Paralysis.


    Powerkan 30cap

  • Lexokan 36 cap

    Freedom from constipation regulates normal bowel, useful in flatulence,gas, food poisoning, intestinal colic.    


    Lexokan 36 cap

  • Immunokan Spl 30 cap

    Enhance body immunity. Useful in Cancer & Aids. Provides strength & stamina. Good rejuvenator


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