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Useful in Gynecological Disorder like Dysmenorrheal, Amenorrhoea &Menorrhagia.      

Useful in Gynecological Disorder like Dysmenorrheal, Amenorrhoea &Menorrhagia.      

ASHOK – Saraca Indica

The bark contains tannins and some chemicals and is prescribed as a tonic. Crushed flowers and leaves are rubbed on the skin to get relief from skin diseases. The flowers are considered to be uterine tonic and is used in cases like burning sensation, dysentery children and inflammation. It is also used in fever, colic, ulcers and pimples. The seeds are strengthening and the ash of plant is good for external application in rheum-arthritis. It is considered as best female tonic.

SHATAVAR – Asparagus Racemosus

The roots are bitter, sweet, emollient, cooling, nervine, tonic, constipating, opthalimic, anobyne. They are useful in nervous disorders, dyspepsia, tumors, scalding of urine, throat infections, tuberculosis, cough bronchitis and general debility. Roots are used externally to treat stiffness in the joints. The rhizome is a soothing tonic that acts mainly on the circulatory, digestive and respiratory system.

LODHRA – Symplocos Racemosa

Bark is astringent, refrigerant, ophthalmic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, hypothermic, astringent, depurative, febrifuge, haemostatic, stomachic and suppurative. Bark is used to treat haemorrhage, acne and pimples, eye diseases, spongy and bleeding gums, leucorrhea, wounds, ulcers, tumors, leprosy, skin diseases, asthma, bronchitis, dropsy, arthritis, fever, menstrual disorders, liver diseases, menorrhagia, diarrhea, dysentery, and bowel complaints. A decoction of the bark or wood is used as a gargle for giving firmness to spongy and bleeding gums. It is one of the constituent of a plaster used to promote maturation of boils and other malignant growth.

NAGKESAR – Mesua ferrea

Nagakesara possesses many therapeutic benefits. It is a hemostatic that
stops bleeding and is also an anti-inflammatory. The Ayurvedic
Pharmacopoeia of India
recommends the use of the plant in gout,
hemorrhagic disorders and diseases of the urinary bladder.

PUNARNAVA – Boerhavia Diffusa

According to Ayurveda it is bitter, anemia, cooling, heart diseases, astringent to bowels, useful in biliousness, blood impurities, leucorrhoea, asthma, alternatives etc. The leaves are useful in dyspepsia, tumors, abdominal pains, and spleen enlargement. The leaves are appetizers, alexiteric, useful in opthalmia and in joint pains. Seeds are tonic expectorant, carminative, useful in lumbago, scabies. The seeds are considered as promising blood purifier. Roots are used to treat gonorrhea, all internal inflammation and edema. Roots stimulate the emptying of the gallbladder, as a diuretic, for all types of liver disorders (including jaundice and hepatitis), gallbladder pain and stones, urinary tract disorders, renal disorders, kidney stones, cystitis, and nephritis.

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KangraHerb's FEMOKAN ECO -30 TAB


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